Tedious Jobs is a full service business, committed to providing timely and efficient, professional sales and marketing assistance to organizations who need to offload their “Tedious Jobs” to focus on larger scale goals and marketing plan execution. 

Founded in 2009, Tedious Jobs has proven relationships with Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 organizations and others and has helped their marketing teams be more productive in their “day jobs.”  We help sales and marketing by tackling those “tedious-jobs” and allow your organization to run seamlessly.

We understand that you have a “to-do” list of tedious tasks that need to get done. We are here to allow you some breathing space to prioritize your day with your big-picture plans and execution of those plans.

Does this look familiar to you?

To Do List:
Venue Research/Site Selection/F&B and AV Planning
​Data Entry – Evaluation Forms, Walk-in and Business Cards upload – research missing contact information with a 24 to 48 hour turnaround for immediate feedback to sales team
Data Appending – Need to research target account information for customer profile
SF.com or Marketing Reports – pull reports to distribute or analyze (daily)
Report Uploads – Have to get those lists back into the system immediately for account nurturing and/or immediate sales lead follow up


​​​Tedious Jobs

If you answered yes, we are here to help you offset procrastination by tackling your To Do list with accuracy and efficiency.   We know the importance of those less glamorous  "big” things you need to get done but can’t find the time during your “day job” to get to them.  We have built great relationships with marketing teams by providing a rapid turnaround of tasks that need to get done so they can keep the marketing engines churning.  We are here to allow you some breathing space to prioritize your day, so you can execute your big-picture plan. Let us tackle your "small" stuff.

Call us today, we enjoy Tedious Jobs!